Why our projects are successful

Successful projects require product strategy, design and development teams working together in harmony. We collaborate with your team to deliver end-to-end software solutions.


Our goal is to build the best product for your customers and budget. Collaborating from day one, we reduce waste, shorten time to market and define a product that has the greatest chance for success.


We are fanatical about understanding your customers and software stakeholders before committing to design solutions. We learn about your goals, who you're designing for, and create solutions that are customized to suit their needs and meet your objectives.


Our developers deliver well-built and tested applications in an agile environment. Our team has a passion for technology and experience covering all modern platforms and tech stacks.

We Love a Challenge

Our teams create world-class experiences across Web, Mobile, and Emerging Technologies


Our experience with web applications connects the desktop and mobile worlds to ensure the ultimate user experience across platforms.


We create best-in-class user experiences for our client’s brands across iOS and Android blurring the lines between in-store, web, TV, and in-hand mobile experiences.


Living on the bleeding edge of technology enables us to get our clients to market first with the newest and most exciting emerging tech.

Technology Council

Led by our Technology Council, we are a team of customer-centric engineers who love to work on new and exciting projects sharing and establishing best practices across all industrial verticals and technology stacks.
Edwin J. Frondozo

Edwin J. Frondozo

CEO & Co-founder

A creative product manager & marketing engineer who is passionate about community, startups and business leadership.

David H. Setiadi

David H. Setiadi

CTO & Co-founder

A multi disciplined tech ninja, engineer and scientist. Loves playing, integrating, abstracting, building and decomposing data and systems while discovering and sharing knowledge in cognitive and predictive analytics. A passion for fixing and breaking into the unknown.

What are clients are saying

Patrick Lyver

Patrick Lyver

Kleruvision, Founder

"Their commitment and product knowledge got us up and running extremely smoothly and he has assisted in helping us launch a professional, feature rich and robust telephone system. We're very happy with them."

Phil Vlach

Phil Vlach

Amica, Vice President

"The team is energetic, open minded, and customer focused. They also steers the broader business strategy in the appropriate direction using a combination of technical expertise, financial acumen, and strategic vision. Such a pleasure to work with."

Buralio Lam

Buralio Lam

Pungle, CTO & Co-Founder

"They has been my "source of talent" for a couple of years now. They are not only an expert at what they do, but he gets what you need from the get go. Their background ensures that you get quality work. I look forward to working with them again."

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